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It’s official, the new Seagate Champions site has now gone live! As a valued Seagate Insider member, the Seagate Champions™ Program enables you to learn even more about the latest Seagate products and earn rewards just for you! Sharpen your skills and get rewarded as you connect with a worldwide community of knowledge-seekers.

Separate from the Seagate Insider for partners, Seagate Champions is specifically geared toward retail sales associates or distributor sales reps. When you sign up for Seagate Champions, you’ll get personally rewarded based upon your site engagement. This differs from Seagate Insider membership, which rewards your business based on the purchases of your authorized users.

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Seagate Champions is an innovative new global learning management system that incentivizes and rewards at the Sales Professional level. Complementing our award-winning Seagate Insider for partners that offers you the tools, guidance, and support you need to make integrating and selling Seagate solutions easy, Seagate Champions makes it easy to learn, connect and get rewarded—and have a great time while doing it!


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Learn how a new dynamic recording method called Flex will solve the evolving needs of the hyperscale data centers—and redefine data center hard drives!

Jason Feist, Seagate Director, Technology Strategy and Product Planning, offers some exciting technology insights in his blog post, “New Flex Dynamic Recording Method Redefines the Data Center Hard Drive.” Feist quickly grabs attention with his opening statement: “Seagate is leading the way in the development of a new dynamic recording method called Flex, to solve the evolving needs of hyperscale data centers. Flex will redefine the future of the data center hard drive.”

Bold words to be sure, but Feist backs them up with compelling details about this new technology. “At the core, Flex vastly simplifies storage deployment and the storage supply chain, and enables data centers to more efficiently deploy and dynamically optimize installed storage to serve changing application requirements.

He goes on to explain that Flex enables a single hard drive to use multiple recording methods on the same drive media. For example, Flex will enable Dynamic Hybrid-SMR that blends SMR for higher capacity with CMR for higher performance, with optimized data locality, on a single drive. Then Flex lets the data center host configure how the data is stored on the drive’s media, dynamically tuning the drive’s data density to match the immediate needs of the entire data center system.

Hyperscale Data Center Needs Vary, Change Over Time

Feist also details how a Flex-enabled drive can serve multiple functions in a data center, according to the application needs of the customer. The data center can solve diverse needs—like capacity and performance—with a single hard drive model. That’s because the proportion of a drive’s media that’s configured for performance or capacity can be changed at any time, even after it’s deployed in the field. And in host systems that are unaware of Flex, a drive will behave exactly like a traditional drive.

Google Lauds Seagate Dynamic Hybrid SMR Roadmap

In a related development, Google said it is sharing a proposal with the Open Compute Project (OCP) for Dynamic Hybrid Shingled Magnetic Recording (HSMR) HDD Product Requirements, with the aim of collaborating with hardware partners and customers to define a collection of Cloud hard drive features, behaviors and interfaces to adapt to exponentially growing storage needs in data centers.

“We are excited to see that Seagate has a technology solution for Dynamic Hybrid SMR on their 2019 roadmap,” said Eric Brewer, VP of Infrastructure at Google and an author of last year’s Disks for Datacenters white paper.

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Big news on bigger capacities: Seagate is way ahead of schedule for the release of the first hard drives using Heat-Assisted Magnetic Recording, or HAMR!

According to Dr. Mark Re, Seagate Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Seagate is way ahead of schedule for the release of the first hard drives using Heat-Assisted Magnetic Recording, or HAMR, which were originally slated to ship to key customers by the end of 2018.

In his recent blog post “HAMR: The Next Leap Forward is Now,” Dr. Re happily announces, “In fact, Seagate is already shipping HAMR units for customer integration tests—and the results are as we expected. The HAMR drives are as simple to integrate and operate similarly to any traditional drive. They’ve passed qualification tests with the predictability we’ve engineered into the drives.”

Seagate’s successful HAMR tests confirm the products are plug-and-play, reliable, and ready to ship in pilot volume next year:

  • Manufacturability: Built over 40,000 HAMR drives; pilot volume in 2018, volume shipments of 20TB+ drives in 2019; drives are built on the same automated assembly line as current products
  • Capacity: Achieved 2 Tbpsi areal density; 30% annual density growth on HAMR over past nine years
  • Reliability: Tests proved single-head data transfers of over 2PB, exceeds real-world specifications
  • Simplicity: HAMR is transparent to host; passed customer testing using standard code
  • Cost: Supply chain fully established and ready to launch; projected cost-per-TB path beats legacy PMR technology

Why Seagate is Pushing to Deliver Ever-Higher Data Density

Explaining the importance of achieving significantly higher data density, Dr. Re cites IDC’s recent report, Data Age 2025, which predicts worldwide data creation will grow to an enormous 163 zettabytes (ZB) by 2025. “That’s ten times the amount of data being produced in 2017,” notes Dr. Re.

He elaborates, “And IDC continues to reiterate that hard drives will be central in managing 70 percent of the datasphere. In other words, the future is very bright for hard drives, assuming the technology continues to offer massive capacity. HAMR is the next technology to increase data density on the roadmap that’s been defined by the major storage technology providers, as part of the Advanced Storage Technology Consortium (ASTC), representing the industry consensus.”

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The clock is ticking on this limited-time offer, get an extra 3 years of Rescue Data Recovery Services added to the 2 years already included on IronWolf Pro drives!

The clock is ticking on this limited-time promotion, so don’t miss out! Seagate is adding 3 extra years of Rescue Data Recovery Services to the 2 years that are already included with IronWolf Pro drives. This means your customers can now get up to 5 years of Rescue coverage that matches IronWolf Pro’s industry-leading 5-year limited warranty.

But this promotion is only available from October 1st to December 31st, 2017 so don’t forget to take advantage of this great offer soon!

Gives Access to World-Class Recovery Experts

While your NAS customers have various storage strategies available to them, including NAS with RAID optimization, they’re still vulnerable to common data loss scenarios. For example, natural disasters, mechanical or accidental damage, power surges and other events can cause costly disruption.

Ideal for organizations that lack the services of a full-blown enterprise-class IT department, Rescue Data Service Plans provide crucial protection against the unforeseen, giving them access to a global team of world-class data recovery experts with 95% customer satisfaction rating.

Offer Your Customers 5x5 Peace of Mind

Not only will your customers get 3 extra years of Rescue Data Recovery Services added to the 2 years already included with IronWolf Pro drives, they’ll also enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing they’re protected by IronWolf Pro’s 5-year limited warranty, the longest in its class.

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IronWolf continues to earn critical praise from reviewers, with the IronWolf Pro 12TB garnering a coveted Top Ten award from the experts at Simply.Reviews!

IronWolf Pro continues to earn critical praise from reviewers, garnering a coveted Top Ten award from the experts at Simply.Reviews. After conducting a long-term test of the IronWolf Pro 12TB, the verdict was uniformly positive:

“Seagate has upped the ante with their IronWolf series added NAS features and a reasonable price makes them worthy of any competitor. We’ve been using the IronWolf 12TB drives for a few months now with Dell, HPE, Synology, QNAP, and Thecus for NAS appliance testing and have had no problems with them. The 12TB IronWolf Pro’s performed exceptionally well in our 10GbE NAS environment delivering good write speeds along with a high I/O throughput.”

The review concluded with this enthusiastic endorsement: “Combining reliability, recovery services and their high capacity makes the Seagate 12TB IronWolf PRO drives a great fit for any business NAS requiring those attributes.”

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