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Storage Insights: IoT, HAMR, 3D NAND and the Future of Storage in the Data Age

Read how IoT, the Data Age and insatiable, global appetite for data storage are driving HDD and SSD technologies to address ever-growing storage demands

In their insightful blog post “IoT Will Improve Daily Life—Will Storage Development Keep Pace?”, Seagate Senior Director Brendan A. Lafferty and Seagate Senior Director Steven Cate detail how the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Data Age’s “insatiable, global appetite for data storage” is impacting the roles played by two key storage technologies: hard disk drives (HDD) and flash-based solid state drives (SSD).

Drawing on their extensive research, Lafferty and Cate provide two significant insights about these evolving data storage technologies that they “believe will have the greatest impact on consumers as well as the cloud data centers and businesses who store and secure their personal data.”

Areal Density, Manufacturing Efficiency Will Be Key Factors

Discussing heat-assisted magnetic recording (HAMR) and a novel 3D structure in which a NAND device’s memory layers are stacked on top of each other to boost overall density, the blog post outlines the core challenges that these innovative technologies will help address:

  • HAMR and 3D NAND will help us store more data in less space
  • Striking the optimal balance between demand and manufacturing costs will be critical

Lafferty and Cate conclude, “Both hard drive and SSD technologies will remain critical to addressing the world’s increasing data storage demand, with the growing storage market in 2025 likely splitting 80-90 percent hard drives and 10-20 percent SSDs. Consumers—as well as the companies that store their data—will continue to leverage a mix of these technologies depending on their specific needs to access, secure and manage that information to enhance our daily lives.”

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Seagate Launches New Ptolemy Data Science Award

Seagate announces its inaugural Ptolemy Data Science Award to annually recognize groundbreaking work in data science that changes lives for the better

Seagate is proud to announce the inaugural Ptolemy Data Science Award for those whose exploration in data science points the way to a better future for people everywhere. The winner will receive a handsomely-designed award that visually captures the marriage of data science and human values, and signifies recognition of the vital importance of their work to the lives of real people.

Award Recognizes Groundbreaking Work in Data Science

Relentless data growth and exploration is driving data science into a state of constant evolution, producing a paradigm shift as significant as the Industrial Revolution. So Seagate has created the annual Ptolemy Data Science Award to recognize groundbreaking work in data science that changes lives for the better.

Ptolemy was a Greek mathematician and astronomer who created a model for predicting the positions of the planets based on centuries of observational data. Though his geocentric theory was eventually disproved, his use of data for predictive analysis was groundbreaking and deeply influential. Ptolemy’s rigor and commitment to data inspired the creation of this award.

Key Factors Considered When Honoring Data Pioneers

Seagate evaluated candidates using the following criteria:

  • Social Impact: The nature and durability of the work’s impact on one or more specific societal problems
  • Creative Exploration: The new and innovative ways the project uses data, and how unique the effort is relative to others within their peer set
  • Scientific Advancement: The introduction of forward-thinking tools or methods that change the way we think about or use data

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To view the complete Ptolemy Data Science Award announcement and learn how to be considered for next year’s award, click here.

Event Winners, Webinar Replay...and More Events!

Congratulations to Stan Sugimoto from Unique Business Systems (Santa Monica, CA) and Christopher Buono from Anteris (Pittsfield, MA) for being the lucky winners of 10TB IronWolf Pro and 10TB BarraCuda Pro drives at last month’s XChange 2017

Seagate was pleased to attend the XChange 2017 event, held in Kissimmee, Florida, which featured a cross-section of channel partners looking to discover new products, services and programs. The semi-annual event, sponsored by The Channel Company, offered solution providers and decision makers a chance to learn more about Seagate products and services.

Watch Replay of Intel Webinar

Did you miss the scoop on Intel’s innovative partnership with Seagate? In our August 29th webinar, Alan Winscott (Intel) and Sharmistha Mallik (Seagate) talked about how pairing Intel® Optane memory with a Seagate BarraCuda drive enables you to deliver the best in speed, space and affordability for your customers’ most intense computing applications!

In the webinar Alan and Sharmistha:

  • Explained all about Intel Optane memory and how it works with BarraCuda drives
  • Showed the results from benchmarking tests for HDD, SSD and BarraCuda + Optane memory

If you didn’t have a chance to attend the webinar, no worries! You can now view a replay of the complete webinar by clicking here. What’s more, you can also download a PDF version of the webinar’s slide deck here. And you can watch an Intel video that shows how to install an Intel Optane Memory Module into a new system here.

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Check out the “at-show specials” on select FireCuda and BarraCuda hard drives at these upcoming shows:

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Come join us @ Synology 2018 in NYC

For one day only - Seagate and Synology - the dream partnership changing the face of the NAS industry

Synology 2018 - this year’s exciting worldwide roadshow, comes to our very own Conrad Hotel in NYC on 5th October 2017. It’s always the hottest ticket in town, as hundreds of enthusiasts, partners and resellers flock to many of the must-see events around the world. We never miss it, and this year we can’t, as we’re delighted to have been invited as a key speaker.

The event always provides the perfect opportunity to get your hands on the very latest products in the NAS market, plus hear directly from Synology themselves on the innovations that are just around the corner.

This year, Seagate will be on hand to answer your questions and explain how working hand in hand with Synology, we are looking to push the boundaries and redefine the NAS landscape. An opportunity not to be missed.

As if that's not enough, there will be the usual exciting hands-on demos, speakers, giveaways, goodie bags, competitions and prize draws. Bring a friend, and you could even win a brand new NAS!

There are still a handful of tickets up for grabs, but don’t delay, they won’t last long!

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