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New Training Available: IronWolf Heath Management with Synology NAS

Watch this new training module and learn how IHM & Synology NAS solutions can boost performance and overall system reliability for your NAS customers.

Take this new training module and learn how you can provide superior storage reliability to your NAS customers! Seagate IronWolf Health Management (IHM) is designed to operate on enabled Synology DiskStation NAS solutions that are populated with supported IronWolf or IronWolf Pro HDDs. IHM improves the overall system reliability by displaying actionable prevention, intervention or recovery options for the user.

Leveraging the hardware sensors and software suite built into IronWolf HDDs, IHM provides intelligent analysis of drive health that goes far beyond traditional diagnostic tools. After watching this training module, you and your sales team will be fully equipped to explain IHM’s features and benefits to your customers!

See How IHM Proactively Protects Customers’ NAS Solutions

The training module details how IHM enables IronWolf HDDs to offer even greater value to your customers who purchase Synology NAS enclosures. Including prevention, intervention and recovery capabilities, IHM delivers:

  • More effective prevention that boosts performance and longevity by suggesting optimal workloads and environment tweaks
  • Faster intervention by monitoring hundreds of parameters of the drive
  • Easier access to Seagate Rescue recovery services; thanks to Seagate’s close collaboration with Synology, IHM is native and built into Synology DSM, enabling your customers to access Rescue immediately

Take the Training

To watch the new training module simply click here.

NAS Drive Showdown: IronWolf Leads the Pack of 18 In Hardware.Info Review

Check out this Hardware.Info comparison test (covering 18 drives!) to see why Seagate IronWolf NAS drives were awarded Excellent Choice Awards!

IronWolf HDDs continue to garner glowing reviews in the press, with the latest kudos coming in a Hardware.Info showdown that compares a whopping eighteen drives designed for NAS applications. We’re pleased to note that Seagate’s 4TB and 10TB IronWolf models both received a Excellent Choice Award. Reflecting Seagate’s leadership in the NAS marketplace, fully half of the drives in the test came from Seagate, joined by competitors from HGST and Western Digital.

Comprehensive NAS Family with IronWolf and IronWolf Pro

The review evaluates IronWolf drives (as well as Enterprise NAS HDD 8TB along with NAS HDD 3TB, NAS HDD 4TB and NAS HDD 8TB), and it’s important to remember that Seagate also offers a full range of IronWolf Pro drives. This comprehensive approach to NAS storage enables you to precisely tailor your NAS solutions to meet the specific needs of your NAS customers, whether they’re SMBs or large-scale enterprises.

Read Full Review

To read the complete Hardware.Info reviews click here

Video Review: Canada Computers Spotlights IronWolf in Ultimate Home NAS Review

Use this easy-to-follow video by Canada Computers & Electronics to show your customers why IronWolf Pro is ideal for ultimate home network NAS solutions.

Your home NAS customers should be interested in this insightful overview that explains what factors to consider when assembling “The Ultimate Home Network Storage Solution.” This accessible, easy-to-follow video was created by Canada Computers & Electronics, a retailer of personal computers, IT components, and consumer electronics. With a knowledgeable and passionate staff, the company serves a growing customer base of students, professionals, and families through online sales, as well as 30 store locations throughout Canada.

Video Highlights IronWolf Pro, QNAP NAS Solutions

The presentation does a great job of describing how today’s variety of consumer video and audio content can quickly eat up storage capacity, and then goes on to detail the benefits of IronWolf Pro drives (including Seagate Rescue recovery services) and the QNAP quad-bay TS-453A NAS unit. This video is a fast and easy way to familiarize your customers with the key issues to consider when contemplating the purchase of a more powerful NAS solution.

Watch Video Review

To view the full Canada Computers & Electronics review just click here.

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